Down syndrome

I have a lovely 10-year-old child in my co-op.  He has taught me so much and I feel so blessed to have him there.  I love the fact that I am able, through the Montessori method, to embrace him for what he is and not what the “pre-judged” labels would have me see him as.  I see him as just another child, who learns at his own pace, who has his own desires and does make his own choices.  However, I am beginning to wonder whether some of the characteristics he displays (and we’re not talking about his developmental/learning milestones) are there because he has down-syndrome or whether it is just “him”.  So I have begun my research (albeit not very thorough, given the limited time I have) on down syndrome children.

Montessori online has provided me with some practical life ideas – and one lady pointed to some books which I am intent on getting, if possible.  Montessori and the Special Needs Child by Orem and the Montessori Approach to Discipline by Lena Gitter.  Unfortunately, the latter book seems to be completely unavailable and I cannot imagine it being available in the library in my part of the world (I’ve checked – it’s not).

It’s a challenge, I realise. He is a very sedentary child, very mild-mannered.  Happy to do his card work on animals.  Sight-reads very well.  However, I realise I need to stock up on early childhood materials – esp practical life and sensorial activities, which I have obviously neglected, having older children in the environment who have little need for those materials.


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