A more child-led day

I’m just a homeschooler running a wee-sized Montessori co-op, so I have much to learn from those around the world.  I’ve read many blogs of other Montessori homeschools, sometimes with huge families, and they are absolutely inspirational.  So, when I encounter days when I “get it”, it is so satisfying.

Today was a more “child-led” day.  I say “more” rather than completely. Yes, I often “succumb” and try to present to the children things they sort of “ought” to be learning and in a manner that suggests that that is so.  We have national standards to meet that are unreasonably high.  However, I have full confidence in the Montessori method, provided, however, that you start at a young age (so it’s more challenging if you start at, say, age 10).

Today, I remembered that we’re tying up with an actual Montessori school in the US to do a pen-pal exchange.  So I took the opportunity to ask the 6yo whether she’d like to write a letter. She did and dictated a letter, which I wrote. Then, she copied it out.  It was a great way for her to work on a concentration and handwriting.  Meanwhile, my dd continued with her story – she had written a short story, had it edited and rewritten and had written a little song at the end to accompany one of the scenes.  She illustrated her story today, then typed it out on the computer.  The soon-to-be 11yo was doing what he was happiest doing – a work on animals – the animals of the continent.

It was just one of those days.  I realise that what helps the most is the spiritual preparation of the teacher. I’m not saying I’m incredibly spiritual (although that is a real aim of mine), but I did say a prayer this morning for inner calm and peace.  That short but quiet prayer is so important in making me more “present” to the children – i.e. to be where they are at instead of where they “ought to be”.


1 Response to “A more child-led day”

  1. 1 peaceful guide October 15, 2009 at 11:57 am

    The spiritual preparation is definitely the hardest part, but also the one that has the most impact. And… It never ends!! 🙂

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