Bead Chains – extensions!

Now that I have my bead chains up in sight, I was hoping it would attract more users.  Noticing that it didn’t, I decided to show my 7yo an extension I had seen on the cultivating dharma blog – the one where short bead chains are used to create polygons (starting of course with the 3-chain).  However – as it is with most homeschooling parents – I was interrupted – twice! And each time, my 7yo seemed to be losing interest.  So for the third time, I tried to present it to her today – and she surprised me (I thought the previous 2 times, she didn’t “get it”).  She said she wanted to use the long bead chains.  I had no idea what we could do with those and had in my head visions of an enormous polygon taking up lots of floor space (which I have little of).  So when she took the 6-bead long chain out, I bit my lip and (thankfully) stepped back.  Then, she created this:IMG_0142


Children come up with really interesting things – I just wish I could get out of the way more! I can’t say I got out of the way today because I knew I should – I did it because I didn’t know what else to do.  Guess that’s what being humble (as Montessori teaches) is all about.


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