Aggression in Montessori children

It always frustrates me when people allow their sons to hit other children on the basis that boys “are like that” and we should allow that to happen. That aside, warfare always creeps into a child’s life no matter what you do and I have to say I have always thought doing Airfix was a neat thing for a Montessorian child to do (hoping to ignore the fact that these planes carried bombs).

So what do you do when children pretend to shoot one another or even “kill”? Banning seemed to be the easiest way and yet it does not truly help – it suppresses a need (that you need to figure out) or makes the forbidden fruit sweeter.

So, this article was pretty interesting. There are no easy answers….


1 Response to “Aggression in Montessori children”

  1. 1 montessorimatters December 13, 2009 at 10:32 pm

    Thank you SO MUCH for posting that link! I’ve struggled with the concept even before I became a teacher, and this article has answered many questions and put things into perspective!

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