Plans for next year

I actually started this blog mainly so that I can keep all the resources and ideas that really speak to me all at one place. So I’m writing it here before I forget!


that is the main thing I need to prepare for the class. To create the black strip, look at the available history materials and obviously prepare the presentations (esp God with No Hands and the Coming of Life)


this is a nut to crack. I’m a homeschooler. Children don’t readily come to this co-op so I have few children to work with. But Projects will excite them. I NEED IDEAS!!!!! I am wondering if some homeschoolers would like to come over and join in the projects during specific times over the course of the year…..

This will also provide the much-needed application of math concepts we are going to learn or have learnt.


Will delve into Priscilla Spears’ tree of life chart with the 10 going to be 11 year old and the more in-depth stuff.


design work plans (simple ones) covering basic areas and have a space for the child to write details there.

Include a space for projects and a special goal
reading list
spelling list
library books taken out

Have my own work plan for the children. I tried to go with the flow but the children (especially the ones without the Montessori background) were actively engaged but not stretched. I now realise it is because they weren’t shown enough presentations to know they could go further (well, that’s what I hope). It will, to a large extent, also follow the national curriculum but will cover topics beyond if they are ready for the work. Of course, the plan will be flexible.

Hope this works out!


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