A couple of people posted this list on montessori_online.

Thought I’d save it here before I forget. Haven’t been able to post it under my links yet. Will get to that another day.

They make stamps for the bead stair and decimal system material as well as
lots of dice and quilted mats for decimal system work.

> Alison’s Montessori:
> Widening Horizons:
> Maitri Learning:
> Montessori 123:
> Classroom Creations:
> Montessori Materials Group:
> In-Print for Children:
> Lakeview Montessori School Learning Store:
> Montessori Print Shop:
> Montessori Images:
> Montessori Language Materials:
> Michael Olaf Company:
> Montessori n’ Such:
> Montessori Research and Development:
> Montessori Services:
> The Juliana Group:
> Adena Montessori:
> Montessori Concepts:
> Eduaids:
> Early School Materials:
> Montessori Stores:
> Montessori Made Manageable:
> Priority Montessori Materials:
> Phonetic Reading Program:
> Montessori for Everyone:
> Heart in Hand:
> Nienhuis Montessori USA:
> Materials Company of Boston:
> Lord Company:
> Kaybee Montessori:
> Hello Wood Products:
> Cabdev Montessori Materials:
> Bruins Montessori:
> Albanesi Montessori Curriculum:
> Conceptual Learning Materials:
> Laughing Star Montessori:
> Bambini Montessori Materials:
> North American Montessori Center Curriculum Manuals and Classroom Guides:
> New Child Montessori Curriculum and Guides:
> The Prepared Environment:
> Curriculum Manuals:
> Philosophy Gift Shop, Montessori Attire:


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