“Good” days

I’ve been having a couple of “good” days with the children. I’m not sure if I’ve accomplished much with them (gosh, that’s so teacher-centred!) but they were incredibly peaceful doing the work they wanted to do. On Wednesday, I was making materials. I allowed my 8 year old to cut them (she was very proud to be trusted with the task of “making materials” which I’m so particular about). Meanwhile, my 2 year old was busy (for a good 45 minutes) cutting up paper and my 5 year old was sorting the card material into the drawers of one of those multi-drawer tool boxes.

Then today, I forgot that a student was coming and yet, again it was a good day. My 5 year old settled him to do the pink tower and some threading of beads. Then the former went to do his favourite average work whilst the latter engaged in his favourite animals of the continents work. Meanwhile, my 8 year old wrote a letter to a friend in the US and thereafter starting copying all the Chinese words she could find on Chinese red packets and Chinese New Year cards.

We ended off with some songs (which I am ashamed I do so little of with the children in the co-op. My own children get their fill with all the cds they manipulate). It was a good day.


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